LA Dual CPU Servers (8+ Cores)

Dual CPU Servers in Los Angeles

At WebNX, we offer a variety of different Dual CPU servers. These range from the Intel e5 2603v3 all the way up to the Intel e5 2697v3. We specialize in custom configurations. Need dual processor servers with large amounts of ram? No problem! With configurations ranging from 16gb of DDR4 ECC ram to 256gb+ DDR4 ECC ram, WebNX has you covered. With an almost unlimited number of drive configurations available, we can satisfy even the most I/O hungry applications and deployments. All of our dual cpu servers have numerous options for different raid cards and raid levels as well as sata, sas and SSD drives.

WebNX Los Angeles Dual Processor Servers all utilize the WebNX High-Performance BGP Route Optimized network. Each of our Dual CPU Servers comes with 20TB outbound transfer on a 1gbps port with free inbound! Any number of configurations can be built using the order forms to the right. You can find upgrades for all of our servers at our Dedicated Server Upgrades page. The configurations listed are just a few examples of what we offer. If you still dont see what you need, Send over your Hardware Requirements to our Sales Department and let us build it for you!

WebNX Proudly uses Supermicro parts in our Dual CPU ServersWebNX Proudly uses Intel Processors in our Dual Processor Servers

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