LA File / San / Storage Servers

File / San / Storage Servers in Los Angeles

Looking for large storage servers or a SAN? Need a place to store lots of backups? WebNX offers multiple options and configurations for storage servers. Need blazing fast I/O? How about a large ZFS setup? No problem! WebNX has you covered. We offer many different raid options as well as multiple different storage options. From 2x1TB sata hdd in hardware raid 1 to 45+ Solid State Drives Arrays running hardware raid 60, we do it all. No matter what kind of storage you need, WebNX can build it for you.

All WebNX Los Angeles Storage Servers utilize the WebNX High-Performance BGP Route Optimized network. Each of our Servers comes with 20TB outbound transfer on a 1gbps port with free inbound! These are just a few of the configurations we offer at WebNX. We also have lower space higher IO servers in stock designed for SAN’s for your internal cluster, please email our Sales Department for your custom storage needs.

Dual Intel Xeon E5-2630v4128GB RAM480GB SSD
12 x 14TB SAS3 HDD
1Gbps w/ 100TB OutboundYes5 IPs$259
Dual Intel Xeon E5-2630v4128GB RAM480GB SSD
36 x 14TB SAS3 HDD
10Gbps w/ 100TB OutboundYes5 IPs$699
Dual Intel Xeon E5-2630v4128GB RAM480GB SSD
84 x 14TB SAS3 HDD
10Gbps w/ 500TB OutboundYes5 IPs$1,999