• WebNX is an internet service provider primarily focused on Datacenter centric offerings, bandwidth, and Dedicated server products,
  • Organized as a corporation with 30 employees WebNX is primarily situated in downtown Los Angeles with a major datacenter build out in Ogden, Utah and pop in Manhattan, NY

WebNX history and growth

  • Early roots go back to the BBS days in the early ’90s, the birth of  WebNX was in 1999 at which point WebNX stated offering Web hosting to local businesses
  • In 2005 Dan Pautz and Dario Perovich refocused the company towards the dedicated server market.
  • In 2008 WebNX outgrew its initial footprint and acquired the former Linkline facility in downtown Los Angeles, expanding operations to include datacenter services.
  • In 2009 WebNX again outgrew its footprint and acquired the Multipoint datacenter at 800 South Hope which it presently occupies.
  • In 2010 WebNX incorporated, consolidating prior operations and assets and has since continued the pattern of steady growth and expansion.
  • In 2014 WebNX signed a 30 year lease on over 110,000 sq’ of space in Ogden, Utah