The Team

  • Daniel Pautz – President and CEO. Dan first became involved in Information Technology during the early part of the .COM boom.  A self-taught hardware guru and entrepreneur, operating a popular multi-line dialup bulletin board system in 1992 and working as in-house computer support for Image IV, Inc. by the age of 14, Dan ultimately worked his way up to head of IT Services before age 21.  He developed his own line of whitebox servers and network consulting services before leveraging his experience into the WebNX startup.
  • Dario Perovich – Chief Operating Officer. A software savant at age 18 Dario worked Technical support at Disney Interactive before being lured to FreePC. After the E-machine acquisition of FreePC, Dario was recruited by AT&T Broadband before becoming  IT manager for Monarch West, followed by Moneyline and subsequently GenPact after the GenPact acquisition. Dario’s intense and immersive background in Corporate IT systems administration and operations made him a natural choice for inclusion in the WebNX administrative team.