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Enterprise Internet Infrastructure Solutions at affordable prices

At WebNX we pride ourselves on offering Enterprise Internet Infrastructure Solutions at affordable prices. We combine top quality components from the top manufacturers with our 100% self-operated data centers and our Route Optimized Networks to bring you IT values unlike anyone else. We offer Dedicated Servers and Colocation Options. With over 15 years industry experience, your enterprise is in good hands with WebNX Internet Services.

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Dedicated Servers

Racked Dedicated Servers in our Los Angeles Data CenterDoes your current provider only offer cookie-cutter servers? Are they keeping up with new hardware offerings? Whenever new hardware is released, our technicians promptly test a slew of different configurations to find the fastest, most stable configurations possible. We don’t rely on outside sources to tell us what works or what doesn’t. We like to break things so we find out on our own. Because we build and test our own configurations from the ground up, we are not limited to pre-built setups.

WebNX Dedicated Servers

We believe in choices at WebNX. We stock the latest processors from Intel and AMD. From the Single cpu Intel e3 series to the top of the line Dual AMD EPYC 256 thread beasts. We have configurations ranging from single cpu with 8gigs of DDR4 ECC ram all the way up to quad cpu with 4TB of DDR4 ECC ram and 6 drive bays to 100’s of drive bay jbod setups, in stock and ready to order now. You pick the amount of ram, what size and type of drives. Choose from 1-18TB Spinning HDDS, to large SSDS and even super fast large 15TB NVMe drives. Multiple raid options available.More about WebNX Dedicated Servers

Custom Dedicated Servers

When our WebNX Dedicated Servers dont pack enough power to get the job done, fear not. At WebNX, we specialize in Custom Built Dedicated Servers. These custom built servers can be built to any specs that you can dream of. Need more than 6 drives on your server? Not a problem! We can custom build anything. From single cpu, quad core servers to quad cpu, 128 core setups, 1 drive to 45+ drives, 4gb RAM to 4TB+ RAM. If you don’t see the configuration that you’re looking for please contact us for a custom quote. More about custom servers

Specialized Solutions

Do you need a network or dedicated server configuration that you just cant find anywhere else? Look no further. WebNX will work with you to develop a Specialized Solution to fit your needs. We have deployed Enterprise Internet Infrastructure Solutions for the VOIP Industry, game server providers, cloud providers, web hosting providers and more. Our team of experts can help you to build an infrastructure solution to help you get off the ground and take you to the clouds and beyond. Leverage our network and hardware experience to build your companies infrastructure at an affordable price. With 24x7x365 onsite support staff and our industry leading SLA, you cant go wrong.

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