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Enterprise Internet Infrastructure

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NEW! Intel Xeon E5 1650v3 Haswell
CPU Cores
6 / 12 HT cores @ 3.5ghz
32GB DDR4 ECC Memory
1TB Sata hdd or 128GB SSD
20TB, 1gbps port, Free Inbound!
5 usable IP's & Remote Rebooter


Welcome to WebNX

Does your current provider only offer cookie-cutter servers? Are they keeping up with new hardware offerings? At WebNX we pride ourselves on offering the latest and fastest hardware configurations and Enterprise Internet Infrastructure Solutions at affordable prices.

How WebNX works

Whenever new hardware is released, our technicians promptly test a slew of different configurations to find the fastest, most stable configurations possible. We don’t rely on outside sources to tell us what works or what doesn’t. We like to break things so we find out on our own. Because we build and test our own configurations from the ground up, we are not limited to pre-built setups.

Custom Servers

Need more than 4 drives on your server? Not a problem! We can custom make anything. From dual core servers to 48 core setups, 1 drive to 32+ drives, 4gb RAM to 256gb RAM. If you don’t see the configuration that you’re looking for please email for a custom quote.

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